As the Hip-Hop community has shifted to a more inclusive environment— with artist like Siya, an openly lesbian rapper on hit show "Sister Hood Of Hip-Hop,” Big Freedia aka the "Queen of Bounce," an openly gay rapper who landed a show on Fuse, and Young M.A who took summer ‘16 by storm with her smash hit "OUUUUUU" It's clear that the LGBT community is developing a strong presence in Hip-Hop and making history with every new single dropped.  

Well, meet Brooklyn rapper Controverse.With his clever gritty rhymes and animated stage presence, he is quickly rising to the top as one of New York City's promising upcoming stars. With well-received singles like "B.A.Y.M," "Straight Cash,"& "Oh Lord," he has really proven that his witty style is something we never knew we were missing. 

 But is his latest single "JESUS" taking it too far? Adorning a robe and thorn crown while rapping in front of a table with his "disciples," Controverse doesn't disappoint in shock factor or bars. But we can't help to think that maybe the world isn't ready for an openly gay male rapper portraying such an important biblical figure and actually echoing that he may be Jesus and also a "God". 

 This is not the first time a Hip-Hop artist has used controversial visuals depicting Jesus. From Nas in "Hate Me Now," to Kanye West's "Jesus Walks," artists have always tried to push the envelope and spark conversation. But is an openly gay rapper doing the same pushing the envelope too far? Art is all about how you perceive it but it seems that this new project Jesus has shown the world why he coined the name Controverse.

 However you feel about his latest visual, it is very difficult to not include Controverse as one of your top ten indie artists coming from the Big Apple and we are happy to witness his journey. Check out JESUS  below let us know what you think.